Terms & fees

Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, you need to register as a customer with Bálkar:

Bálkar Miðlun will quote an offer to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and separate, fees, transaction costs, fx- and crypto rates in the quoted price.

The Risk Management / Remote trading commission is based on the principal invested, see our terms for the Risk Management service here.

Escrow Service

Bálkar will offer an escrow service for its customers that is open between 10-16 weekdays. Bálkar will charge a $100 fee for each withdrawal from its customer account. This fee is not charged when a customer is buying or selling cryptocurrency only for withdrawals from Escrow.

Consulting not related to brokerage

Consulting that is not related to our brokerage service such as setting up wallets or retrieving cryptocurrencies from lost wallets will be billed 20.000 kr or $150 per hour.

If you have any problems with registration please contact us

Email: balkar@balkar.is

Tel: +354 620 3700.