Terms & fees

Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, you need to register as a customer with Bálkar:

The Brokerage commission is 5% on transactions or a minimum of $100

The Risk Management / Remote trading commission is half the returns in excess of the BTC / USD returns, i.e. if BTC goes up 10% but the Remote trading yields 15% returns, then Bálkar will get 2.5%.

Terms for the Risk Management service are here.

Escrow Service

Bálkar will offer an escrow service for its customers that is open between 10-16 weekdays. Bálkar will charge a $100 fee for each withdrawal from its customer account. This fee is not charged when a customer is buying or selling cryptocurrency only for withdrawals.

If you have any problems with registration please contact us

Email: balkar@balkar.is

Tel: +354 620 3700.