Escrow service

Bálkar will help customers set up their own wallets.

  • The customer in this case is fully responsible for the safeguarding of his cryptocurrencies, but Bálkar will advice and help with setting up wallets that are trustworthy for computers, mobile phones or paper wallets and how to safeguard and backup the coins.

Bálkar offers an escrow service for cryptocurrencies for its customers.

  • The service makes it easier for customers to start investing in cryptocurrencies and removes the burden of knowing how to secure wallets or send and receive funds.

Bálkar offers safeguarding of multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet keys.

  • In this case the customer will hold one of three signatures to a cryptocurrency wallet, he will share one key with a trusted party and Bálkar will safeguard one key.
  • This way a company or a married couple can share the responsibility and safety of their cryptocurrencies in the following manner: Two individuals, the CEO and the CFO or the married couple can transact using the wallet and their two signatures. If there is a dispute one party can’t withdraw funds unless using Bálkar’s third key, where Bálkar will need good reasons to release the funds.

Customers will have access to the escrow service all weekdays between 10-16, where they can ask for withdrawals from their accounts for a fee, see here.