Risk Management Bitstamp API settings

If you choose to operate the Risk Manangement service from your own Bitstamp account follow these setting to create an API and share it with Bálkar Miðlun ehf.

On you Bitstamp account go under Settings, to find your User ID. this you will share with Bálkar Miðlun.

Bitstamp UserID

Now you create your Sub account where we manage your account.

Go under Account, select Active sub account and create new.

Bitstamp Sub account

Name your Sub account something like Balkar or Risk Management

Select the settings shown below to allow the API to check the balance of the account and transactions in and out of the account. Also allow the API to open orders, cancel orders, buy limit/market orders and Sell limit/market orders.

Bitstamp API

Now you share the User Id, the API key and the API secret with Bálkar Miðlun via the form.

Following you fund your acocunt

After you have shared your API information and funded your account Bálkar Miðlun can now remotely manage the account with the intention to maximize the returns and minimize the risk.